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The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires colleges to provide helpful consumer information about their operations to the general public, prospective students, current students, and their parents. This Consumer Disclosures website is intended to provide a central location of the college’s information that is not only compliant with the law but has additional information that is helpful to those interested in various aspects of Community HigherEd (a 501c3) , doing business as: Community Care College, Clary Sage College, and Oklahoma Technical College. Furthermore, the IRS’s Internal Revenue Code and IRS Regulations require that non-profits make their forms 990 and 1023 available for public inspection.<hr />

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The availability of all consumer information and data may be obtained directly from the College’s President, Dr. Raye Mahlberg.  Dr. Raye may be contacted at (918) 610-0027 or via email at  She would love to hear from you and is committed to complete transparency.

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